‘Ex Nihilo’ Audio Jack


The ‘Ex Nihilo’ pendant is our take on a classic audio headphone jack. This true to size 1/4 jack features the Latin words ‘Ex Nihilo’ or ‘Out of Nothing’.. lent from the phrase ‘Creatio Ex Nihilo’ meaning creation out of nothing. All artists knows what it is to start at the beginning with just an idea, then experience the alchemy and thrill of that idea taking form.

Collaborating with Canadian musician and artist Christian Poulsen (Fear the Priest/Hugs Not Drugs), we designed this piece in homage to the musicians, producers, Dj’s, and anyone else audio obsessed.

All of the piece in the ‘Intentions’ collection are timeless, unisex and meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

30″ oxidized, sterling silver rolo chain included.