About Us

The collaborative creation of two Vancouver based designers; a passionate jewelry maker Lisa ‘Katz’ Kaczmarek and a creative adventurous Dj, Korina Dahl, Katz X Dahl is an amalgamation of all things fashion forward; a bit avante garde, a bit playful, with a dash of elegance. Their vision is to redefine what accessorize means to themselves, and the people who wear their creations.

What started as an experimental side project quickly evolved into a full-fledged sister company to Katz Designs: Lisa’s pre-existing jewelry company, which focused mainly on nature inspired designs, or collected earthly treasures for ‘lost wax’ casting.

Unlike many partnerships, they did not start out as friends. The pair became acquainted through Etsy when Lisa commissioned a custom designed Unicorn Skull for Miss Dahl. Korina was so enamored with the quality of the piece, she approached Lisa about a possible collaboration.

It was only when they met in person they realized they had an undeniable creative chemistry, and immediately decided to work together.

In mere months, they had put together a complete, if somewhat eclectic assortment of designs dubbed simply “The Kollection” (Dec 2014)

Katz x Dahls ambition was to combine Katz organic and finely detailed designs with Korina’s predilection for all things dark and unusual.

The result is a style that is both dark and organic yet playful with a eye for detail and most importantly, as all their jewelry is made with precious metals.. it is made to last.