• orion for website
    • $58.00
      'Orion' choker in sterling silver. Hand textured sterling silver ring on an adjustable chain. Looks chic and minimal alone or layered with you other favourite pieces.
    • kxd dark star for web
    • $98.00
      Dark Star pendant in sterling silver. Clean and classic pentagram design with 'marbling' cuts to really capture and reflect light. We're all about the details. Available as Unisex with an extra long chain! 20" Sterling silver chain included 30" sterling silver chain can be substituted.
    • Nyx Sphynx Cat Ring
    • $110.00
      It's name meaning 'night' in Greek,  this dreamy feline design is the purrfect addition to any curated jewellery collection. A larger statement style piece , this solid sterling silver shows detail on detail; from the nose wrinkles to the little crescent moon on her forehead.   Sphynx head is 10mm in height Available in any size.


    • $158.00
      The 'Ex Nihilo' pendant is our take on a classic audio headphone jack. This true to size 1/4 jack features the Latin words 'Ex Nihilo' or 'Out of Nothing'.. lent from the phrase 'Creatio Ex Nihilo' meaning creation out of nothing. All artists knows what it is to start at the beginning with just an idea, then experience the alchemy and thrill of that idea taking form. Collaborating with Canadian musician and artist Christian Poulsen (Fear the Priest/Hugs Not Drugs), we designed this piece in homage to the musicians, producers, Dj's, and anyone else audio obsessed. All of the piece in the 'Intentions' collection are timeless, unisex and meant to be enjoyed by everyone. 30" oxidized, sterling silver rolo chain included.
    • Affirm Key
    • $138.00
      The 'Affirm Key is the first release from our 'Intentions' collection. 'Make your Affirmations, set your Intentions, and manifest a life you want to live.' These words inspired the entire collection, with a focus on personal creativity and intention setting, to shape and re-define your reality. The pendant was designed with Sacred Geometry details, is available in solid sterling silver and comes with a sterling silver, oxidized, 30" rolo chain. All the pieces in this collection are timeless, unisex and meant to be enjoyed by everyone.
    • 13262576_10157040116390637_2140330786_o
    • $128.00$189.00
      Bad Moon Pendant. Crescent moon shape set with black cubic zirconia crystals or black diamonds, creates eye-catching contrast in this stunning piece. Must have for all Gem Gypsies and Moon Goddesses.  18 inch silver chain included. Crescent moon ring can be set with either black cubic zirconias or black diamonds. 18 inch silver chain included.
    • unicorpse-all
    • $58.00$78.00
      Best selling 'Unicorpse' pendant. Hand carved in wax and then cast, with meticulous attention to detail. Available in sterling silver, bronze, duo-tone, and oxidized black with a sterling silver horn. 18 inch sterling silver chain included.
    • lilprick
    • $68.00
      Our 'Lil' Prick' cactus pendant was hand carved from wax then cast into solid sterling silver. Inspired by  sultry summer festivals, exotic bohemian adventures and cool desert nights. 18 inch silver chain included.